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The object is to aim to have the lowest points in your layout by canceling cards of the same pairs and swapping cards in your layout for lower valued cards.

2-4 players with one deck or multiple decks allows for more players.

There are 54 number cards along with 8 action cards. It's easy to learn the introductory level and then as you play more, mix in the extra rules that come with the game like Denying players, Bonus Rules, and Peeking!

This game exists because I showed a simpler version to my Aunt Rinda while we waited for our plane at the Mexico City airport. She liked it but said we needed to add more rules. We created our own version and proceeded to play so much that we ended up having a 30 person tournament where we vacationed that week. She said we PIMPT it out.

For any questions please email. Thank you!

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